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Why TAMBA? by yoomi’s mummy

We’re really pleased that yoomi will be supporting Tamba, the charity dedicated to helping families meet the unique challenges of multiple births. This Christmas we have a special campaign in which we will donating 10% of all sales from our new Limited Edition Red collars to Tamba. The campaign will raise funds for Tamba whilst brightening up feeding times this winter!

The link with Tamba has a special meaning for us, as back in 2002, we learnt that we were expecting not one but two little bundles of joy. ‘My clever wife’ I remember Jim saying when we were shown our 2 miniature babies at the 12 week scan and I felt sooo special. At the 20 week scan, we were told we were having 2 boys, perfect I thought, I’d grown up with sisters, so this was going to be a real adventure! And I’d already picked the names – Danial and Aadam.

But our sonographer looked a bit uneasy .. one baby was a little on the small side, so we were referred to a Consultant. A couple of weeks later we were given the dreaded news that Aadam’s placenta was not working properly and this was restricting his growth.

Aadam was given only a matter of weeks to live and this meant a miscarriage could be imminent. Worse still, as it was still relatively early days, a miscarriage would mean losing both boys, even though Danial was growing perfectly. I remember walking out the Consultant’s room with tears quietly streaming, noticing the other mums hold onto their bumps a little tighter. Every subsequent day of that pregnancy was filled with dread as we tried to prepare for losing the babies.

Aadam died at 28 weeks. Our clever little boy stuck with his brother long enough to allow Danial’s lungs to start to develop. He also did not trigger the miscarriage that was expected, he just hung in there.

At 34 weeks, just as I dared to venture out to buy my first baby grow, Danial stopped moving. He was in distress and we needed an emergency C-section. Danial was delivered on New Years Eve, weighing just 3.5 pounds… small but perfect. Our lovely Aadam was delivered stillborn. It was the happiest and saddest day of my life.

Having experienced the joys of expecting twins, the complications of a multiple birth and the loss of one of our babies, we really value the support and comfort Tamba provides to parents at such a difficult time. For us, supporting Tamba is a way of remembering Aadam and also helping other families through the joys and sometimes sadness that comes with multiple births.

Please support Tamba either directly on Tamba’s site or by turning your yoomi bottles red for Xmas.

In 2007, we were blessed to go on to have the long awaited brother for Danial .. Niall, who we call Niall Aadam. xx

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