Bonding with baby: our tips for dads

In the early days bonding with baby isn’t always easy.  As eager as dad may be to do his bit, much of the responsibility falls to mum, especially when dad is out at work and mum is breastfeeding. Often dad can feel left out.  Read on to discover our tips on how to enhance dad and baby bonding…

  • Babies thrive on routine and the earlier that dad can be a regular part of baby’s life the better.  In particular skin to skin contact allows baby to become familiar with dad’s presence and can help establish a strong bond. Splash time is a great way for dad to feel involved and also gives mum a much-deserved break!
  • Getting out and about with baby is essential, as experiencing new sights and sounds is a vital part of baby’s development. When out, encourage dad to use a baby sling. This will help baby recognise dad’s smell, voice and touch and it’s also a practical way of getting out with your little one.
  • Reading to your baby is a crucial part of language development. And it’s never too early to start so why not get dad to read baby a bedtime story. This can be a special time that dad and baby will soon cherish. Check out 

Finally, on days when dad has struggled to spend quality time with the baby, why not prepare for dad to do the night feed.  Feeding baby a bottle of expressed breast milk is a positive experience for both dad and baby, so let yoomi lend a hand.  At the touch of a button, yoomi gently warms mum’s expressed milk delivering it at the perfect temperature.  Simple, quick and effective, yoomi helps dad and baby to share their own special moment together at the end of a busy day.