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  • Bonding with baby: our tips for dads

    In the early days bonding with baby isn’t always easy.  As eager as dad may be to do his bit, much of the responsibility falls to mum, especially when dad is out at work and mum is breastfeeding. Often dad can feel left out.  Read on to discover our tips on how to enhance dad and baby bonding… B... View Post
  • Step by step for an easy bath time with your baby!

    It’s all in the preparation – Make sure you have everything you need ready to hand, so you don’t get caught out. The essential items you’ll need are, flannels, cotton wool, a bowel of cooled, boiled water, towel, clean nappy and clothes and your desired baby products, it is advised not to use pro... View Post
  • WIN with Moba!

    With its striking style, revolutionary design and the fun colour options; add to that the fact it is made entirely in the UK, it has sustainability at its core and is super hygienic (yes – you can just wipe it clean!), the Moba Moses basket is such a fantastic buy! Its lightweight structure and s... View Post
  • The power of colour

     ‘Colour absolutely effects our lives and our children's development, when colour is chosen with a purpose we create a balanced, harmonious environment where children can reach their full potential’ - June McLeod    White promotes a sense of calmness and safety and stimulates th... View Post
  • WIN with BabycareTENS!

    Due date getting close? Thinking of getting some drug free pain relief?Well, look no further, this month we’ve teamed up with the Babycare team to bring you the latest, Elle TENS2 maternity TENS machine (RRP £75.00). It has all the award-winning features of the Elle TENS, plus a contraction timer... View Post
  • Do talking toys really help develop baby's language skills?

    We all know that plenty of talking to your child can influence their language ability, reading and academic success, so can talking toys that are labelled 'educational' really promote language development? There's a boom in talking toys claiming to help kids learn language skills, but unfortunat... View Post
  • WIN with Taf Toys!

    This month we’ve teamed up with our good friends at Taf Toys to bring you the wonderfully practical ‘I love big mat’ (RRP £55.00). Place your little one on this super comfy mat and they’ll be entertained for hours. A double size, extra padded play mat with humorous illustrations and fun activitie... View Post
  • Winter babies v Summer babies

    Family planning on your mind? Well, here are some super interesting facts about having a winter or summer baby: Children born between June-October are likely to be slightly taller and have bigger bones than winter-born babies. This is thought to be related to more Vitamin D in mums at 37 weeks... View Post