• Caring for a baby can be hectic and stressful for a mum – as a dad, you may be wondering what you can do to lighten your partner’s load a bit. Here are some ideas for helpful dads... Ask your employer about paternity leave – the first couple of weeks can be really nerve-wracking. Your partner wi... View Post
  • Dads may feel a bit left out when it comes to bonding with baby, especially if mum is breastfeeding. Dads should keep in mind that they don’t need to be another mum – dad’s role is just as important! Here are some ideas for taking advantage of quality time with your baby: Participate in labour a... View Post
  • breastfeeding with twins

    Having twins means double the love, right? Well, it also means double the work. Deciding to breastfeed your multiples may seem like a daunting task, but lots of mums have successfully breastfed their twins (and even triplets!). When starting out, you can try feeding each baby individually. This g... View Post
  • breastfeeding myths

    You may have heard some misleading myths about breastfeeding. We’ve put together a list of some common misconceptions to help you separate fact from fiction... Myth... Frequent breastfeeding leads to poor milk supply and a weak let down system. The Truth... Frequent breastfeeding sessions actuall... View Post
  • We’ve put together some golden nuggets of information from the experts just for you! Pace yourself in the beginning. Breastfeeding for too long at first can wreak havoc on your nipples. Experts suggest that you start with 10-15 minutes per breast at first until you get acclimated. It’s perfectly... View Post
  • Many mums are under the misconception that breastfeeding has to be all or nothing. This is simply not the case. Mothers can have great success when mixing bottle feeding with breastfeeding sessions. In fact, combination feeding is a great option for mums who are returning to work, who want to inc... View Post
  • One of mum’s biggest worries is often... is my baby well fed? There are some signs you can look out for to monitor feeding and ensure your baby is healthy... First few days... your baby will only wet 1 - 2 nappies a day After the third or fourth day... your baby will have 6 - 8 wet cloth nappies... View Post
  • Breastfeeding has numerous benefits, both for mums and babies. Breast milk is the best source of sustenance for your baby. Why? Well, breast milk contains important white blood cells that protect your baby from harmful germs. Breast milk also contains Immunoglobulin A (IgA) which coats the lining... View Post