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Yoomi Family

Yoomi Family

Inspired by mom and designed by dad… When former award winning BMW UK design engineer Jim Shaikh and UK Litigation Lawyer Farah Butt had their 1st baby the challenges began. Jim’s role was to warm the breast milk, and it would take over 10 minutes as the baby cried, waiting for the bottle. Then the baby would drink ½ the bottle and fall back asleep; leaving ½ the bottle full with the precious breast milk wasted. Farah would cry as they poured the milk down the drain. She said to Jim, there has be a better method… You’re an engineer, can’t you create one? And the challenge to create Yoomi was taken and the world’s first self warming baby feeding bottle was born.

Hailed as one of the Top Ten British inventions of the decade, the revolutionary Yoomi self-warming bottle safeguards and protects the essential nutrients in baby's milk. A bottle & warmer in one, Yoomi warms baby's milk to the natural temperature of breast milk at the touch of a button - in just 60 seconds!

Perfect for night feeds, twins and multi's, being out and about, travel, transitioning between breast and bottle, and back to work; the easy to use Yoomi self-warming bottle does not use electricity or batteries, but instead uses unique patented technology combined with food-grade components. Designed, developed & manufactured to exacting standards by Yoomi in the UK. 

Yoomi's mission and promise to you is to continue to bring innovation to Mother and Baby Care products that make the Parental Journey Safe, Convenient and Affordable.

From its initial humble beginnings, Yoomi continues to expand its offerings of parental 'must-have' products, and is now an international company with a manufacturing facility in the United Kingdom, and products available in an ever growing number of countries around the world.