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OCTOBER 25, 2017

bottle feeding: do’s and don’ts


  • Be prepared... gather all your equipment, find a comfortable holding position, and give yourself some time.
  • Hold your baby in a fairly upright position and support the head.
  • Keep the teat full... this ensures that your baby isn’t swallowing air.
  • Sing, smile, talk to your baby... feeding sessions make for great bonding time.
  • Take short breaks... you may need to give your baby a break during feeding to wind.
  • Remove the bottle if your baby falls asleep during feedings... pooled milk can lead to tooth decay.
  • Throw away worn out teats and bottles... check for signs of wear often.
  • Ask for help... midwives, health professionals, and other mums are great sources of support and advice!


  • Force your baby to finish a bottle... let your baby feed at their own pace.
  • Leave your baby during feedings... your baby may choke on the milk if left unsupervised.
  • Keep any unused formula or breast milk... throw it away after your baby’s done feeding.
  • Mix breast milk and formula... formula doesn’t store as long and you don’t want to waste your breast milk!
  • Heat bottles in the microwave... uneven heating can harm your baby and damage nutrients in your breast milk.
  • Feed your baby expired formula... pay attention to the labels.
  • Feed your newborn baby juice, cow’s milk, soda, or water. A newborn’s digestive system is not quite ready.