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OCTOBER 25, 2017

BPA free bottles – please explain!

You may have noticed that yoomi bottles are BPA free, but what does that even mean? BPA (Bisphenol A) is a chemical that can be found in many hard plastic food containers (like bottles), reusable cups, and the lining of some metal cans. Most plastic companies have BPA free products because the chemical is potentially harmful, especially to the development of babies and young children. What can you do as a parent, to make sure your child isn’t exposed to BPA?

  • Check the labels of your plastic products – most products are labelled if they’re BPA free
  • Discard scratched baby bottles and feeding cups – if the bottles contain BPA, scratches allow for the chemical to be released
  • Do not put very hot or boiling water in BPA-containing bottles as this can release the chemical into the feed
  • Do not heat baby bottles in the microwave
  • After sterilising and cleaning your bottles, let the bottles cool to room temperature before adding formula or breast milk
  • Pay attention to “dishwasher safe” and “microwave safe” labels on your plastic products

Mums and dads should be careful about how they heat up plastic bottles, as this can release chemicals into your baby’s feed. The safest bet is to buy a BPA free bottle for your little one – lucky for you, BPA free bottles are easy to come by.