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OCTOBER 25, 2017

safely storing and warming expressed breast milk

If you know the yoomi story, then you’ll know that yoomi was invented to make it easier for Jim, an exhausted, stressed out, first-time dad to warm a bottle of expressed breast milk straight from the fridge in the middle of the night.

Designed with mums who express in mind, we think yoomi got it right on so many fronts:

  • yoomi is the only bottle to gently return mum’s milk to the EXACT temperature of breast milk without damaging any nutrients
  • yoomi warms the feed as baby drinks providing a constant temperature (just like breastfeeding) for a soothing and less interrupted feeding experience
  • the teat is naturally shaped and super soft to promote easy latch on; and
  • the teat is warm unlike standard teats to provide the reassurance and familiarity baby needs to make the sometimes challenging transition from breast to bottle

For this reason, mums often ask us for help on how to safely store and thaw their expressed breast milk. And here they are...