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OCTOBER 25, 2017

help! I'm not producing enough milk

It is not uncommon for mums to experience a fluctuation in their milk supply, but there is no need to panic! There are many ways to encourage milk production and help keep milk flowing…

  • Increase feeding and/or expressing. Remember your body produces milk on a supply and demand basis. The more you feed and /or express the more milk your body will make!
  • Try to express or feed every 2 hours. Frequent, short expressing sessions are more efficient than long ones
  • Don't wait too long to feed or express. You may be tempted to wait until your breasts feel full, but the truth is, you'll have enough milk in your breasts to feed your baby even when they don't feel full.
  • Try expressing both breasts at the same time. The extra stimulation can increase prolactin, the hormone essential for milk production
  • Engage your senses. Look at a picture of your little one or smell a piece of your baby's clothing to take in their scent. This can help encourage milk production
  • Relax. Stress and tension can affect your milk production - take a nice warm bath or shower before you express to help you relax a bit
  • Encourage flow. Hold a warm, damp face cloth against your breasts to encourage them to release the milk
  • Moment of Calm. Find a quiet place to express
  • Stimulation works. Massage your breasts and nipples to stimulate milk production
  • Take care of yourself. It's your natural instinct to worry about your baby's health but remember your own health is just as important especially. Make sure you are eating and drinking enough and getting plenty of rest

If you have on-going concerns or need specific advice then don't be afraid to contact your Health Visitor or Local Breastfeeding Counsellor, as they are best equipped to give you advice and support