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OCTOBER 26, 2017

breastfeeding myths

You may have heard some misleading myths about breastfeeding. We’ve put together a list of some common misconceptions to help you separate fact from fiction...

Myth... Frequent breastfeeding leads to poor milk supply and a weak let down system.

The Truth... Frequent breastfeeding sessions actually help boost milk supply.

Myth... Four to six breastfeeding sessions a day are needed to maintain your milk supply.

The Truth... Research shows that an average of 9.9 feeding sessions a day during the first few weeks is optimal for milk production.

Myth... Mothers must drink milk to make milk.

The Truth... Drinking milk has no effect on milk production. In fact, we are the only mammals that continue to drink milk after infancy. Just follow a healthy diet and you’ll be fine!

Myth... Some babies are allergic to their mother’s milk.

The Truth... Breast milk is the most natural and physiologic substance your baby can consume. Any sensitivity to feeding is likely due to foreign proteins in your milk. Simply eliminate the offending food from your diet while you are still breastfeeding.

Myth... The lying down breastfeeding position causes ear infections.

The Truth... Your baby has a lowered risk of ear infections because of antibodies in your breast milk. Breastfeeding positions do not cause ear infections.

Myth... Your baby should feed off of both breasts during feedings.


The Truth... If you switch your baby to the other breast too early, your baby could be getting lower calorie milk that is less nourishing, the foremilk. Mums should let their baby finish on their own before moving to the other breast.

Myth... Nursing after 12 months is of little value because your milk quality diminishes after 6 months.

The Truth... Your milk changes as your baby develops, but it is still a primary source of nutrition and fills the immunity gap as long as your baby breastfeeds.

Myth... Small breasts don’t produce as much milk as large ones.

The Truth... In breastfeeding, size does not matter. You will still produce enough milk for your baby regardless of your cup size.

Myth... Breastfeeding will ruin the shape of your breasts.

The Truth... Your breasts will change in consistency after pregnancy, but your breasts can still return to their normal size and shape after breastfeeding. Age and weight gain affect the shape of your breasts more.