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OCTOBER 26, 2017

breastfeeding with twins

Having twins means double the love, right? Well, it also means double the work. Deciding to breastfeed your multiples may seem like a daunting task, but lots of mums have successfully breastfed their twins (and even triplets!).

When starting out, you can try feeding each baby individually. This gives you a chance to see how each baby handles breastfeeding and address any possible problems. You can also monitor how frequently each little one feeds. Once you feel comfortable, it’s up to you! Some mums choose to continue breastfeeding each baby separately to accommodate their needs. Others learn to breastfeed both at once. There is no right way - choose which is best for you. Here are some breastfeeding positions to try with your twins...

  • Double Clutch/Double Football Hold - both babies are in a football hold with a pillow supporting them on either side of you and their feet pointed towards the back of the chair. Make sure they are at breast level, their bodies turned towards you (not up), and support the back of each baby’s neck with your palms.
  • Double Cradle Hold - place both babies in cradle position with their heads resting on your forearms. Position your babies so their legs cross and make an X.
  • Cradle Clutch Combination - if your babies have different hold preferences, this position might be ideal for you. Hold one baby in a football position and the other in cradle position.

Make sure to ask for some help when you are first trying out the double breastfeeding sessions.

You may be wondering: how can one mum make enough milk for two growing babies? Most women can produce enough milk for their multiples. Keep up your supply with these tips...

  • Start breastfeeding right after birth to help establish your milk supply and nurse often.
  • If your babies can’t breastfeed right away, express milk right away to encourage your milk supply. Pumping while breastfeeding may also help keep up your milk supply.
  • Alternate the breasts you feed each baby on. Perhaps feed each baby on a particular breast for one day, and then switch the next.

Breastfeeding multiples is hard work which is why it’s important to enlist as much help as you can at home from your partner, family, and friends. Find a knowledgeable doctor, breastfeeding counsellor or lactation specialist who you can turn to for professional advice.