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OCTOBER 26, 2017

I want to bond more with my baby (Dad)

Dads may feel a bit left out when it comes to bonding with baby, especially if mum is breastfeeding. Dads should keep in mind that they don’t need to be another mum – dad’s role is just as important! Here are some ideas for taking advantage of quality time with your baby:

  • Participate in labour and delivery
  • Handle those dreaded middle of the night diaper changes and feeding (if bottle-fed)
  • Read or sing to your baby
  • Give your baby a bath
  • Be a part of your baby’s bedtime routine
  • Soothe your baby when he or she’s crying
  • Set aside time every night to play with your baby
  • Cradle your little one during bottle feeding to get the same closeness as breastfeeding
  • Use a front carrier to hold your baby while doing household activities
  • Give your baby a massage – babies respond well to touch
  • Mirror your baby’s movements
  • Mimic your baby’s cooing and sounds to develop communication
  • Don’t miss out on doctor’s visits – learning more about your baby’s health will help you feel closer to your baby

With these tips, dads can easily bond with their babies. Remember that bonding will happen at a different pace than mum, but it is equally meaningful. In fact, research shows that providing your baby with opportunities for playtime is an important part of your baby’s brain development. Getting involved with the day-to-day tasks and your baby’s routine also helps solidify your relationship with your baby.