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Cryogel technology is based on Poly vinyl alcohol (PVA) - a hydrophilic polymer which is perfect in the application of medicine due to its excellent biocompatibility. PVA is one of the most ancient polymers and at the same time the most popular one used in the medical industry. It is manufactured through a freeze/thaw cycling of the PVA polymer solution, resulting in the formation of physical strong cross-linking. PVA hydrogels formed in this manner are thermo-reversible and are known as "cryogels". Cryogels are solid elastomers containing over 80% water which are produced when solutions of higher molecular weight PVA of high degree hydrolysis are subjected to one or more freeze/thaw cycles. Such cryogels are tough, slippery, elastomeric, resilient, insoluble in water below 50 degrees Celsius and nontoxic.

The technologically advanced dermal delivery pad is unique in its properties:

  1. Instant cooling without refrigeration
  2. Creation of a thermo-gymnastics effect on the skin, stimulating circulation
  3. Re-usable up to 10 times
  4. Manufactured through a natural & non-toxic process
  5. Effectively and slowly releases active ingredients into the skin