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Yoomi’s mission is to make the parental journey safe, convenient and affordable.

Here are 3 important Benefits of Yoomi’s Self Warming Baby Bottles that you will want for you and your baby:


    Reducing baby and parental stress when feeding your precious little one can make a huge difference for both of you.

    Yoomi Self Warming Baby Bottle was designed to specifically reduce baby and parental stress at feedings by:

    • Reducing the time the baby waits for their milk when hungry. Parents often say this is very important and the feature they love most about Yoomi Self Warming Baby Bottles. At night feedings it allows them to prepare the bottles in advance with breastmilk or formula and place the bottle in the fridge before they go to bed: so that once they hear their baby cry they simply walk to the fridge, push the button on the bottle and by the time they are at the crib they are ready to feed their baby the perfect temperature milk.

    • Improving the time you need to satisfy your baby’s hunger: the baby goes back to sleep quicker, as do you. As some babies require multiple feedings a night this can make a huge difference in the quantity and quality of sleep both baby and parents get each night.


    Every parent would love to ensure their baby is being fed the best nutritional value.

    Breast milk is a great source of nutrition for your baby (as are most infant formulas today), but protecting 100% of the nutrients can be challenging. If you have ever warmed the milk and found it to be too hot, you have destroyed precious nutrients. Overheating your baby’s milk will compromise the quality and will cause your baby to be irritated, as you are feeding them what looks be milk but does not have the nutritional value they require when hungry.

    Yoomi Self Warming Baby Bottle was designed with Safe T Lock Protection, and engineered to feed your baby the best quality milk with our patented intelligent heat control system. This guarantees the protection of 100% of the milk nutrients by eliminating nutrient loss, which occurs when you overheat the milk by other warming methods.


    Having a baby can be expensive. According to parenting magazines and online parenting sites some families spend $10,000 or more on their baby’s first 12 months.

    Yoomi Self Warming Baby Bottle was designed to never waste a drop of formula or breast milk again, as our Self Warming Smart Bottles only heat the milk your baby drinks, so that you can safely save every drop for another feeding. This innovation will save you hundreds of dollars a year in formula and can also make the difference whether you can sustain breastfeeding.