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Starter Bundle 5 oz
  • Starter Bundle 5 oz

Starter Bundle 5 oz

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A great Starter Set to help mom begin the parental journey: providing premium anti-coli bottles. warming cones that allow her to feed the baby the perfect temperature milk in just 60 seconds, and a delicately lavender scented and warming Cuddly Comfie.

Starter Bundle with:

  • 4 x 5oz Bottles
  • 4 x Slow Flow Nipples
  • 4 x Reusable Warming Cones
  • Choose from 5 Cuddly Comfies

Our award winning feeding bottle, designed to be just like mom: with the natural size, feel and warmth of moms breast, making it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding successfully. Your choice of one of 5 Cuddly Comfies completes this Starter Set, as it can be heated in the microwave to provide warm and soothing lavender scent to help baby settle down.

3S Self Warming Bottles do 3 things no other baby bottle can:

  1. SPEED - Perfect temperature milk in just 60 seconds; at the push of a button on our Self Warming Bottles with our reusable warming cone.
  2. SAFETY - Nutrient Safe T Lock Protection. Our patented intelligent heat control guarantees the protection of 100% of the milks nutrients by eliminating loss which occurs when you overheat the milk by other methods.
  3. SAVINGS - Never waste another drop of formula or breastmilk again: as we only heat the milk your baby drinks; so you can safely save every drop for another feeding.

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