combination feeding mum

Breastfeeding does not have to be all or nothing. Mums can have great success when mixing bottle feeding with breastfeeding. Combination feeding is a great option for mums who are looking for more flexibility in their feeding routines, whether they’re returning to work, want dad involved in feeding or need to easily feed on-the-go.

Our revolutionary self-warming bottle ensures that if you decide to combination feed, baby will feel at home. Unlike any other bottle, our clever integrated warmer creates a naturally warm teat and delivers milk at perfect breast milk temperature providing the familiarity baby needs to ease the transition from breast to bottle and back again.

For added convenience, you can use yoomi bottles, with or without the warmer… our super-soft, breast-like teat supports easy latch-on, an extra wide neck makes preparation and cleaning easier and our 6 anti-colic vents are specifically designed for less colic in babies.  

Putting the health and safety of babies first, yoomi’s Deep Clean Steriliser introduces an extra layer of protection for baby with both rapid and deep clean cycles to ensure complete bottle hygiene for a healthy, happy baby.

‘It’s like having a breast in a bottle! Nobel Peace Prize in more ways than one.’

Sophia, mum to twins, Betty and Teddy

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