expressing mum

The yoomi eco-system has been developed to be the safest and most convenient solution for expressing mums.  Baby continues to receive the benefits of breast milk, dad can share the closeness of feeding and it’s a good option for mums who are planning to go back to work or don’t feel comfortable breastfeeding in public.

Our 3-in-1 electric breast pump offers complete flexibility in choosing between electric, battery AND manual options ensuring mums have all the options they need to express for longer. Milk flows easily with our 9 levels of suction and speed designed to mimic baby’s natural breastfeeding rhythm whilst the soft touch silicone cup ensures comfort for a good milk release.

Nutrients matter, so after expressing, use our revolutionary self-warming bottle. Using groundbreaking patented technology, yoomi is the only bottle that safely returns mum’s milk to perfect breast milk temperature, protecting the essential nutrients in every drop. For a 'just like mum' feeling, our clever integrated warmer creates a naturally warm teat and delivers milk at an even temperature providing the familiarity baby needs to ease the transition between bottle and breast.

Putting the health and safety of babies first, yoomi’s Deep Clean Steriliser introduces an extra layer of protection for baby with both rapid and deep clean cycles to ensure complete bottle hygiene for a healthy, happy baby.

‘the pump works quickly and efficiently with impressive results. 10/10'

Gemma, mum to Ruby

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