How is Yoomi Self Warming Bottles different than other bottle warmers?

Very different…  Our Self Warming Smart Bottles with our patented reusable warming cones are 10 times fast at warming, 1000 times more safe at temperature control which protects 100% of the milk nutrients, and as the only warming method in the world to just warm the milk your baby drinks, we save you hundreds of dollars in wasted formula or hours of trying to express precious breast milk as our method allow you to safely save ever undrunk drop of milk for another feeding.  So, we are faster, safer and the smarter choice all around. 

How does Yoomi provide the perfect temperature milk?

Precision Control Temperature Technology… Well, what is the perfect temperature milk?  It’s got to be just like moms’ breast milk, right…  So, we designed our warming cones to deliver just that…  When you press the button on the warming cone, it activates the exothermic reaction of our internal non-toxic salt solution that instantly crystalizes and generates heat.  As your baby sucks the nipple, milk moves through the outside channels of the warming cone, gently warming the milk to exit the nipple for baby at the perfect temperature of approximately 34°C, just like moms’ breast milk…  Don’t you love innovation?       

How long does the Warming Cone stay warm?

Longer than you will ever need… For 1 hour after pressing the button to activate the warming cone, you will have perfect temperature milk to feed your baby before you will need to recharge the warming cone for another use.  Most babies finish their feeding session in half that time so you should be good.

Does Yoomi really protect 100% of milk nutrients?

Yes 100%...  Our award-winning engineers at Yoomi designed our patented warming cones to have a precision temperature control built into them. This allows our warming cones to deliver the same perfect natural breast milk temperature at every feeding.  By never overheating the milk, we never destroy milk nutrients or ever have any hot spots that can burn your baby’s mouth.  Well, our competition certainly can’t say this…  

Will I know the warming cone has begun warming after pressing the button?

Absolutely…  Just a few seconds after pushing the button, the warming cone will no longer rattle as it has now been activated to generate warmth.  You will also quickly notice the orange button starts to fade to blue which indicates that the warming cone is warming up and will be ready to deliver the perfect temperature milk in just 60 seconds.  Just imagine, all those baby tears you save with Yoomi 😊     

How do I know when I need to recharge the warming cone?

Just Listen for the Rattle… Your warming cone needs to be recharged if there is no rattle when you shake it. Plus, new warming cones will always need charging before its first use as it is good to sterilize them before use.  Recharging and sterilization occurs at the same time with our recharging methods.

How can I sterilise my warming cone?

Easily… The warming cone is sterilized during the recharging process without any additional work or time. There are 3 options to recharge the warming cone flawlessly; in our New Easy Charger Plus station, in a pot of boiling water or in an electric steam sterilizer.  The choice is yours, and they all complete the recharging of multiple warming cones at once in just 30 minutes for your convenience.

How long does the warming cone stay charged?

Forever…  The warming cone will remain charged indefinitely and will be ready for use whenever baby is ready for a feed. Just press the button, wait 60 seconds and feed away.  Please note, it is possible that the warming cone can be inadvertently activated if it is bumped, so keep it protected and we recommend re-sterilising the warming cone if left for long periods.

How long does the warming cone last?

Well, can you say Lifetime Warranty…  Made in the UK to the highest quality standard, we stand behind our product.  Your baby should be done bottle feeding before we are done delivering the perfect temperature milk.  Just register your warming cones and bottles on and we will replace any bottle or warming cone that is not performing.

Can Yoomi bottles and warming cones be in my hand luggage when flying?

Yes, welcome aboard…  Our warming cones were designed to contain less than 100ml in liquid which is the global standard for acceptance on planes for carry-on luggage and it can also be placed in your checked baggage safely.

Can Yoomi bottles help with challenging Night Feeding?

Definitely, that is our specialty…  Simply insert the warming cone into your Yoomi bottles and fill with milk before going to bed. Place in refrigerator, and you’re ready…  Baby cries in middle of the night, you go to the fridge, push the button and by the time you are at the crib you are ready to satisfy a hungry baby with the perfect temperature milk.  Yoomi reduces stress for both baby and parents, plus allows you both to get back to sleep quicker…  And who doesn’t like less tears and more sleep?

How do Yoomi bottles help breastfeeding moms?

OMG, this is huge so please read… Yoomi Self Warming Bottles with reusable warming cones are the closest feeding method to moms boob…  We worked hard to be just like mom by creating a similar size and shape nipple, a familiar feel and temperature against babies face and lips and an experience that delivers the exact and constant 34 degC temperature milk as moms.

Ok, let’s break it down…

Firstly, the nipples were designed to be the same size as the average mom’s breast and are enhanced with a 6 vent anti-colic system that is complimented with the softest silicone we could find to promote proper latch-on.

Secondly, with the warming cone inside the entire nipple the baby experiences a comforting and familiar feel of the same temperature as mom’s breast against their face and lips which helps with nipple acceptance and proper latch on. 

Thirdly, we are the only warming method that can deliver the same temperature milk as mom’s breast milk every time which helps moms who want to switch between bottle and breast feeding.

Fourthly, baby can enjoy moms breast milk in our bottles and parents can be assured baby is getting 100% of the milk nutrients as our patented warming cones will never destroy nutrients often caused by overheating the milk with other methods of warming.

Fifthly, we deliver the perfect temperature milk in just 60 seconds, 10 times faster than any of our competition…
And lastly, since we replicate mom’s breastfeeding experience so closely we have a huge success rate with moms that transition from breast to bottle feeding and it’s not a fluke.…

So in summary, we couldn’t be more like moms feeding experience for a baby unless we were a boob ourselves and that’s why we’ve been called ‘the boob in the bottle’ bottle  😊