Colour Guide

White promotes a sense of calmness and safety and stimulates the feeling of expansiveness. White is a good colour to stimulate positive feelings and is believed to keep the soul pure and the mind away from bad thoughts.

Orange is one of the best colours for stimulating learning by sparking energy and creativity and amplifying the power of concentration. Our spirits are raised by looking at yellow and orange as they most resemble sunshine which our bodies crave.

Red is an engaging and emotive colour. It stimulates circulation, triggers the pituitary and adrenal glands and releases adrenaline. Red is associated with courage but can also stimulate appetite and sense of smell.

Blue is the most tranquil colour. With a cooling and calming effect on our senses, blue increases our feelings of well-being. When blue is seen, the brain releases hormones that relax the body.

Green is associated with Mother Nature promoting a feeling of harmony and relaxation. Green symbolises new life and freshness and so eases stress and strengthens inner resolve.

Pink has a soothing effect and can bring peace of mind and ease restlessness. With its calming and healing qualities, pink helps to reduce tension and anxiety and promote a good night's sleep.

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"Colour absolutely effects our lives and our children's development, when colour is chosen with a purpose we create a balanced, harmonious environment where children can claim their birthright and reach their full potential" - June McLeod

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