The Clever Bit ...

yoomi’s clever little warmer is activated by simply pressing the orange button.  This causes the salt solution inside the warmer to crystalise and generate heat. When the bottle is tipped, the feed travels around the outside  channels of the warmer absorbing warmth and in just 60 seconds the feed reaches breastmilk temperature.  The warmer is cleverly designed to stay at a constant temperature for one hour making sure baby’s feed is always ‘just right’ (32-34°C). 

The yoomi warmer is rechargeable and can be used 100 times! that’s 16p per mobile feed.  To recharge, simply place the warmer in a pan of water (or electric steam steriliser) and boil (or sterilise) for 25 mins. Once charged, the warmer stays charged and is ready to use whenever you need it.

yoomi’s tip: stocking up on 2 or more warmers takes the same time to recharge but gets you prepared for your next warm feed.


What mums are saying about yoomi ……

“When you have a hungry baby on board, the self warmer is a godsend” Sally, mum to Lily

“Hassle free feeding in the middle of the night” Gemma, mum to Finlay

“I have been a health visitor for 15 years and this is exactly what is needed” 

Ann, Health Visitor & mum of 4

“yoomi made the transition from breast to bottle possible” 

Carys, mum to Isla

Not having to worry about the temperature, makes things so much easier”

Kelly, mum to Lily

“it saved time, money and my sanity” Sophia, mum to twins, Teddy & Betty