Yoomi Reusable Warming Cones (3 Pack)
Yoomi Reusable Warming Cones (3 Pack)
Yoomi Reusable Warming Cones (3 Pack)

Reusable Warming Cones (3 Pack)

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These patented reusable warming cone transform Yoomi bottles into a Self Warming Smart Bottle that does 3 things no other baby bottle can do:

SPEED - Perfect temperature milk in just 60 seconds at the push of a button.

SAFETY - Nutrient Safe T Lock Protection guarantees the protection of 100% of the milk nutrients by controlling the milk temperature and eliminating nutrient loss which occurs when you overheat the milk through other warming methods.

SAVINGS - Never waste a drop of milk again as the Self Warming Smart Bottle only heats the milk your baby drinks, so you can safely save every drop for another feeding.

Product Details:

  • warms in 60 seconds
  • breastmilk temperature every time
  • never overheats the milks, protecting 100% of milk nutrients
  • rechargeable
  • warming cones are compatible with any Yoomi bottle
  • easily recharge in the Easy Charger Plus Station (sold separately) or in an electric steam steriliser or by boiling
  • 100% BPA free
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Made in UK


  • 3 pack of reusable warming cones

Bottle and Warming Cone Product Manual

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