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Get prepared for baby’s first summer!
   04/20/2021 10:08:38     Yoomi Blogs , First Time Parents    Comments 0
Get prepared for baby’s first summer!

Summer is a tricky season, and your baby will need to adjust to the rising temperature. Keep an eye on what your baby eats or drinks for a safe summer season:

• If baby relies only on breast milk, make sure you feed her often to keep her hydrated, as sweating leads to loss of fluid in the body.

• Use boiled or filtered water as hot water kills bacteria present in the water.

• Diaper rashes are common during summer, so use diapers only when required.

• Cotton, loose fitting clothes are ideal for babies in the summer and if you’re going outdoors, choose light coloured clothing to reflect the sunlight.

• Use natural ingredient bug spray around babies to keep mosquitoes away.

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