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Baby Night Feeding Made Easy
   10/15/2021 15:55:57     Yoomi Blogs , First Time Parents    Comments 0
Baby Night Feeding Made Easy

The expression ‘sleep like a baby’ is a misnomer. While newborns tend to sleep 16 hours a day, they wake every few hours to fee. Most babies don’t start sleeping through the night (6 to 8 hours) until they are about three months old, and even then, that can vary greatly for each infant.



Lucky is the parent whose child sleeps though the night from an early age.

For the rest, baby night feeding can be a nightmare!


It is very important to be able to feed and soothe the baby as quickly as possible when they wake up hungry. And let’s face it, during the middle of the night most parents are not at their best in terms of fast and efficient solutions!


While breastfeeding is the best and easiest way to quickly feed and soothe the baby, it is not always an option. 


The Night Feeding Nightmare


At some point in a baby’s growth most parents will be using expressed breast milk or formula that is prepared and waiting in a refrigerator. While that’s been a traditional solution, it’s also when the Night Feeding Nightmare can start.


Getting the milk to the correct temperature quickly enough to feed and soothe a baby can take a lot of skill and patience. And if that’s not enough, there are other Night Feeding issues:

·         Facilitating the Latch Process: the milk must be thoroughly warmed to the correct temperature to mimic the warmth of moms’ breast. Also having a nipple on the bottle that is mom-sized and shaped, and made of super-soft silicon helps the baby take the bottle more easily.

·         Nutritional Value: Not over-heating the milk, which destroys nutrients. Overheating results in essentially feeding your baby the nutritional equivalent of warm water, which means your baby will remain hungry.

·         The Juggling Act: You are going it solo by trying to soothe the baby while warming the milk, and the baby becomes overwrought and unable to settle.

·         Tag Team Tension: There are two of you: one holding the baby, the other warming the milk. Both are tired and on edge. The one with the baby is strongly encouraging the other to: “Please hurry up!”


All this – and so much more -- can fray nerves and create upset.


Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid all this fuss?


        You can.


The Yoomi Baby Feeding Solution



Yoomi is a patented system that enables a baby to start feeding within 60 seconds.


Yoomi was started by new parents Jim and Farah who were exhausted, stressed, and in need of solution.

So, Jim, and engineer, created one.



That solution is a self-warming baby bottle that allows you to feed your baby the perfect temperature milk in 60 seconds!


The Yoomi self-warming bottle combines a bottle and warmer into one unit. Available in 5oz or 8oz volume size, the nipple is mom-sized and shaped, and made of the softest silicon. Yoomi nipples come in 4 flow rates to suit baby’s development needs: super slow, slow, medium and fast flow.


How Yoomi Works


Milk or formula can be prepared and refrigerated in Yoomi self-warming bottles, ready for when you need it. When the baby wakes you grab one of the bottles. Through the cap, press the initiator button on the warming cone nestled in the nipple. In 30 seconds with the cap still on, turn the bottle upside down so that the feed runs over the ridges in the warmer cone. This warms the feed to the natural breast milk temperature of 32-34C.


In 60 seconds, you are feeding and soothing your baby.


And, yes, it’s safe. The warmer cone is made of food-grade plastic and the internal components are food-safe.  The heat remains in the warming cone for 60 minutes, and only heats the milk that the baby drinks. The remaining feed can be saved for another time.


Yoomi’s self warming bottles mean the end to those Night Feeding Nightmares and hello to sweet dreams for all!


Follow this link to our website to learn more. https://www.yoomi.com. Easily incorporated into your sterilization and preparation routine, purchasing multiple warmers and bottles gives you freedom and flexibility for night time feeds, twins or multi’s, being out and about, travel, transitioning from breast to bottle, and back to work.

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