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Baby Showers: in person and virtual
   11/08/2021 14:40:57     First Time Parents , Planning , It Takes a Village    Comments 0
Baby Showers: in person and virtual

While the term “baby shower” is relatively new, many cultures around the world celebrate an impending or recent birth with a gathering of family and friends.

While the origins for many of these events were female-only and close family; the Baby Shower concept has been expanding to include workplace, mixed sex, etc…and gift giving and fun-themed games are typically a major part of the event.

 Due to the pandemic, video calling technologies have become a big part of most of our lives; not only for work meetings, but also for keeping in “virtual” touch with friends and family, both near and far.

Our relationship with this viewing technology has become so secondary that it has also opened up new opportunities to now include people who are far away, in an event in “real time”. Imagine people who are unable to physically be at the Baby Shower being able to witness the parents actually opening their gift and to see their expressions and share in that joy?

How to Plan the Baby Shower

 Typically, the Baby Shower involves gift giving as well as games or other activities to allow the guests to participate, get to know other members of the parents support group, and to have fun. Adding in the virtual guest element adds some extra steps:

  1.  Make sure the parents are OK with a virtual component and define the 2 guest lists: in-person & virtual.
  2. Figure out where and when to hold the baby shower. By the third trimester the mom-to-be is far enough along that she is showing, should have her baby registry set up (if that is her custom), and still has the energy for a fun party!       
  3. Send out invitations four to six weeks in advance to allow people to set the time in their calendars. If the parents have a gift registry set up – share those details. If you want to do a group gift, explain what it is and the cost to participate. Be aware that some people may not want to go for this, and so you should have secondary ideas that will support the group gift theme available and share those.
  4. Set up an agenda: typically, baby showers last between two and three hours. Block out time for arrival, mingling, eating, any games and gift opening. 
  5. Baby shower theme? Having a theme can help you in terms of invitation look, décor, foods, games and even the gift theme: this can be fun and work really well with a group gift!
  6. Make it memorable: you want it to not only be memorable for the parents-to-be but also for the guests. Themes and games are great ways to break the ice and give people attending a way to participate more easily and fully into the event.
  7. Virtual considerations: Think about your technology: camera as well as screen, to make it as seamless for viewing and sharing as possible. For those that are joining in remotely, consider what portions of the Baby Shower they “call in” for. Think about the relationship to the parents-to-be, as well as their familiarity with the technology, potential time-zone differences and schedules. If the Baby Shower is close family only, setting a time period for the virtual attendees to join for the gift giving portion and catching up with relatives is a great idea, just remember that too many participants can make the experience frustrating as everyone tries to talk and share at the same time! If the Baby Shower is a mix of family and friends, then you should schedule the gift giving for a set time so that the virtual attendees can be involved strictly in that portion.


Baby Showers involve planning especially if you include a virtual component.  So make sure you have a checklist like the one above, and don’t be afraid to ask for help to ensure that everyone has a good time.

Expecting parents will appreciate the support in terms of friends and family as well as gifts, to help make their parental journey safe, convenient and affordable.

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