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Medela or Yoomi? Read this first..
   04/20/2021 09:24:19     Yoomi Blogs    Comments 0
Medela or Yoomi? Read this first..

It doesn't get much better than a customer comparing us to the leading brand in breast pumps.  Thank you Rachel for sharing your experience with us!  

"I purchased my Yoomi at a baby show in Toronto when I was pregnant and I was so impressed with the warming technology that we got a whole set of bottles, warmers and the breast pump.  I was producing milk and feeding my baby comfortably for 8 weeks before I misplaced a piece of my pump and was frantic to get back to pumping to build up my freezer supply as I was already back to working part-time. I emailed the Yoomi team to ask how to find it, they sent one by mail right away! In the interim I received a Medela pump from my cousin who loaned me her double-breast pump (she had trouble breastfeeding) and said she had used it very little - and I soon realized why!  I knew I was able to feed my 10+ pound baby every few hours and was producing with Yoomi at least 4+ ounces (that could be drained in under 10 minutes from both breasts). But when I tried the Medela pump it took over 15 minutes to get 1 ounce and I was appalled. I knew I wasn't dried up in two days and it was just not as efficient as my Yoomi. I don't go anywhere without it (and can be found plugging into the usb adapter in the car in an emergency ha!). Thank you so much!"


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