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Top Tips For Feeding Whilst On Holiday!
   04/20/2021 09:53:39     Yoomi Blogs    Comments 0
Top Tips For Feeding Whilst On Holiday!

Heading off to enjoy the sunshine abroad this summer? Lucky you!

In between packing the sunblock and finding the passports, you might wonder how you’re going to handle travelling with a bottle fed baby. Rest easy, we’re here to help! Here are our top travel tips for bottle feeders.

If you’re flying:

The 100ml carry-on limit for liquids doesn’t apply to formula milk or sterilised water. This means you can bring a reasonable amount of each to meet baby’s needs for the journey. You could pack several bottles with pre-measured amounts of formula powder, plus bottles of boiled water to prepare formula en route but remember water should be at least 70 deg C, so this could be tricky.

Instead, you could prepare the feed in advance and carry the bottle in a cool bag. The flight attendant may warm the feed for you (although beware some Airlines have a no warming policy) or you could pack a yoomi self-warming bottle and this will gently warm the feed to perfect breastmilk temp in 60 seconds!

Alternatively, wait until you’ve gone through security and purchase ready-to-drink formula at an Airport chemist. If baby prefers it warm, yoomi is a great option!

Remember to pack or buy enough feed to cope with any flight delays – they’re bad enough without adding a hungry baby to the mix!

Once you’ve arrived, there are a few things to remember before you hit the beach.

The tap water abroad may not be suitable for drinking even if you boil it. Make up formula using bottled water instead (and yes, it still needs to be boiled and cooled first!) Look for a brand with less than 200 mg of sodium (Na) and less than 250 mg of sulphate (SO or SO4) per litre.

Bottles and teats still need to be sterilised but this needn’t mean bringing your electric steriliser. Try cold-water sterilising tablets instead… easy to pack and use, and very affordable too!

If it’s going to be hot where you’re going, keep in mind that babies become dehydrated more quickly than adults. Offer a bottle of cooled, boiled water in between feeds to help keep your little one happy and healthy.


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