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Step by step for an easy bath time with your baby!
   04/20/2021 09:57:51     Yoomi Blogs    Comments 0
Step by step for an easy bath time with your baby!

It’s all in the preparation – Make sure you have everything you need ready to hand, so you don’t get caught out. The essential items you’ll need are, flannels, cotton wool, a bowel of cooled, boiled water, towel, clean nappy and clothes and your desired baby products, it is advised not to use products until your baby is 6 weeks as that soft skin is very sensitive and can get quite dry.

Filling up – When bathing a newborn baby you can wash them in whatever way suits, either using a babies bath, your bath or the kitchen sink. Just make sure the room is warm and there is enough water to cover every part of their body but not too much around 5 to 6 inches is more than enough.

Getting started – Lowering your baby into the water seems daunting but it needn’t be, just make sure one arm is safely under the babies shoulder and the support is under the arm, hold their bottom and gradually lower them in and keep contact holding the arm which is furthest away and wash with them with your free hand.

Washing them – with your free hand gently wash them. For the face use cotton wool which has been dipped in the cooled boiled water, start from the inside of the face and work your way outwards, this helps spreading any infections. To wash the hair just gently wash it with your free hand it’s not necessary for shampoo.

Getting them cosy – take your baby out on the same way you lowered them in, always keep one hand on them whilst you wrap the towel around them. Once all wrapped up, gently pat them dry. Don’t forget to dry all their little creases in the skin.


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