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Didn’t Madonna say “Express yourself...” ?
   04/20/2021 10:02:02     Yoomi Blogs , First Time Parents    Comments 0
Didn’t Madonna say “Express yourself...” ?

Okay so maybe she wasn’t talking about breastfeeding but expressing definitely gets a thumbs up from us.

If you’re finding it tricky to breastfeed, don’t worry, expressing will give baby all the nutritional benefits of breastfeeding whilst giving you that all important flexibility!

There are so many benefits of expressing that we simply can’t name them all, but we’ve picked out a few gems here…

Convenience… finding it a challenge to breastfeed when out? Don’t be a hermit, expressing can make it easier to feed when you’re out and about

Trouble feeding…? if baby is finding it difficult to latch, relax and express… she still receives all the goodness of breastmilk

Getting others involved… it’s the perfect way to get dad to take over the night feeds whilst you have a well-deserved rest!

Helps boost milk production… express between feedings to boost milk supply and keep baby happily satisfied

Looking for the perfect breast pump? No preaching here but you might want to check out our 3-in-1 breast pump… you don’t need to be a material girl to afford it and before you know it, you’ll be getting into the groove…

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