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Category: It Takes a Village
Baby Showers: in person and virtual
While the term "baby shower" is relatively new, many cultures around the world celebrate an impending or recent birth with a gathering of family and friends.
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Step by step for an easy bath time with your baby!
It’s all in the preparation – Make sure you have everything you need ready to hand, so you don’t get caught out. The essential items you’ll need are, flannels, cotton wool, a bowel of cooled, boiled water, towel, clean nappy and clothes and your desired baby products, it is advised not to use products until your baby is 6 weeks as that soft skin is very sensitive and can get quite dry.
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Bonding with baby: our tips for dads
In the early days bonding with baby isn’t always easy. As eager as dad may be to do his bit, much of the responsibility falls to mum, especially when dad is out at work and mum is breastfeeding. Often dad can feel left out. Read on to discover our tips on how to enhance dad and baby bonding…
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