Yoomi Proper Latch Nipples (3 Pack)

Proper Latch Nipples (3 Pack)

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Style:Super Slow Flow (0+ months)
Super Slow Flow (0+ months) Slow Flow (1+ months) Medium Flow (3+ months) Fast Flow (6+ months)

Yoomi Proper Latch® Nipples have been carefully designed to be just like mom with an oversize shape that resembles the average moms breast size and developed with the softest silicone available, to create a more successful latching for baby.

Yoomi Nipples utilize an Anti-colic 6 Vent Technology that reduces colic, creating a positive baby feeding experience.

By adding our patented reusable warming cone, the Yoomi Proper Latch® Nipple is gently warmed to the same temperature as mom’s breast and delivers the perfect temperature milk just like breastfeeding, ensuring a high success rate for moms switching from breast to bottle feeding.

Product Details:

  • available in 4 Flow Rates: Super Slow Flow (0 month+), Slow Flow (1+ months), Medium Flow (3+ months) and Fast Flow (6+ months)
  • naturally shaped for proper latch-on
  • unique 6 anti-colic vent system for less colic
  • bottles, nipples and warmers are interchangeable across the Yoomi range


  • 3 x nipples - your choice of 4 different nipple flows
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